powderBLANKs by REISCHAUER – designed for relief-mintings

REISCHAUER was founded in 1913 in Idar-Oberstein, Germany. The company is still family-owned and operated by Dr. Gerd Wagner, CEO and co-owner. With 50 employees REISCHAUER is manufacturing blanks for minting purposes like medals, collector coins and investment products. We offer different materials, blanks in selected surface qualities and in various forms and dimensions.

Based on powder metallurgy, REISCHAUER is offering „powderBLANKs“ and „powderITEMs“. Convexly shaped powderBLANKs with big and small curves on one side as well as double-side bended blanks can be used for extra-thin mintings with a normal high relief and for coins with a mid-high relief. In order to mint extra-high reliefs economically, near-net-shape powderBLANKs are available.